Eighth Grade Math Resources

Welcome to the Math Resources page for 8th grade! Below you will find videos, worksheets, and websites to help you be the BEST you can be!

Khan Academy is the number one resource  you should be familiar with!



  1. Understanding Rational and Irrational Numbers
    1. Colin Dodds – Number Types (Math Song)
    2. Irrational Numbers
    3. Math Rap – Rational and Irrational Numbers
    4. Real Numbers: Rational and Irrational Numbers are Real Numbers
  2. Estimating the Value of Irrational Expressions
    1. Estimating Irrational Numbers


  1. Applying Properties of Exponents
    1. Laws Of Exponents (On The Floor Parody)
    2. Super Base (WSHS Math Rap Song)
  2. Understanding Square and Cube Roots
    1. Finding Cube Roots
    2. Introduction to Square Roots 
    3. Square and Cube Roots with Factor Trees
    4. Colin Dodds – Powers (Math Song)
    5. Understanding Square Roots
  3. Scientific Notation
    1. How Can Scientific Notation Be Used in the Real World? : Math Instruction 
    2. Math Rap – Scientific Notation
    3. Multiplying and Dividing Numbers Written in Scientific Notation
    4. Scientific Notation
    5. Scientific Notation – Adding and Subtracting
    6. Scientific Notation (Math Song)
  4. Representing and Interpreting Proportional Relationships
    1. 8.EE.5 – Comparing Proportional Relationships using Slope
    2. Graphing, interpreting, and comparing proportional relationships—Lesson 1 of 5 (Common Core 8.EE.5)
    3. Graphing, interpreting, and comparing proportional relationships—Lesson 2 of 5 (Common Core 8.EE.5)
    4. Graphing, interpreting, and comparing proportional relationships—Lesson 4 of 5 (Common Core 8.EE.5)
    5. Graphing, interpreting, and comparing proportional relationships—Lesson 5 of 5 (Common Core 8.EE.5)
  5. Relating Slope and Y-intercept to Linear Equations
    1. 8.EE.6 – Graphing Linear Functions using Slope-Intercept 
    2. Ex: Determine the x and y Intercepts of a Linear Equation in Slope Intercept Form
    3. Roosevelt Middle School Math Team — Common Core Tutorial Videos — 8.EE.B.6
    4. Colin Dodds – Slope (Math Song)
  6. Solving Linear Equations in One Variable
    1. Ex: Solve a Linear Equation in One Variable that Requires Simplifying
    2. Solving Linear Equations (hokey pokey) – MATH SONG
    3. Video Tutorial on Solving Linear Equations with One Unknown (Variable)
  7. Solving Systems of Equations
    1. Algebra – How to Graph Linear Equations 
    2. Algebra Systems- Elimination with Two Unknowns (Solving Systems of Linear Equations Using the Elimination Method)
    3. All I Do Is Solve (WSHS Math Rap Song)
    4. Graph! (WSHS Math Rap Song) (How to graph linear equations)
    5. Graph a Linear Equation – MUSIC VIDEO
    6. Solving a system of linear equations using the substitution and elimination method
    7. Solving linear systems by substitution – Khan Academy
    8. Solving systems of equations by elimination – Khan Academy
    9. Solve systems of linear equations using substitution – LearnZillion 
    10. Solve systems of equations by substitution – LearnZillion
    11. Solve a system of linear equations using elimination – LearnZillion 


  1. Functions
    1. Introduction to functions
    2. Meat-A-Morphosis: An Introduction to Functions
  2. Comparing Functions Represented in Different Ways
  3. Linear and Nonlinear Functions
  4. Using Functions to Model Relationships
  5. Describing Functional Relationships from Graphs


  1. Properties of Rotations, Reflections, and Translations
    1. SmartyBunch Geometry Transformations
    2. Gangnam Style Math (Transformation Style)
    3. Transformational Geometry (Translations, Rotations, and Reflections)
    4. Transformation and Rigid Motions Flash Cards
  2. Dilations
    1. 8th Grade Dilations and Scale Factor